16 October

Jashn-e Mehregan at Cafe Nadery

Jashn-e Mehregan at Cafe Nadery

Cafe Nadery celebrates ‘Jashn-e Mehregan'; an ancient Iranian Autumn Festival. Different stories are told about ‘Jashn-e Mehregan’. Here is one story, as told by an Iranian-American patron of the ‘Cafe Nadery’ who loves these traditions, deeply; Shadi Towfighi. Some say ‘Jashn-e Mehregan’ originated in Zoroaster’s time, some say it came about during Babylonian times. I […]

18 January

Cafe Nadery in the New Yorker Magazine

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TABLES FOR TWO CAFÉ NADERY 16 W. 8th St. BY SHAUNA LYON JANUARY 20, 2014 Photo by Malu Alvarez What ever happened to the intellectual cafés of Greenwich Village, where struggling artists could order a cup of coffee (not a Venti), read a newspaper (not an iPad), and talk to someone sitting across from them […]

4 December

Cafe Nadery in Serious Eats

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Persian Comfort Served All Day at Cafe Nadery by Craig Cavallo December 3, 2013 I had seated myself, which is customary when you walk into a place that serves food but isn’t exactly a restaurant. There’s Gimme coffee and hand-blended tea, but Café Nadery isn’t exactly a café. In many ways it’s a gathering place […]

5 August

The Underground Gourmet on Café Nadery and El Aripo Café, Two Humble Oases of Expat Culture

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It has been quite some time since Greenwich Village — let alone 8th Street — represented artistic bohemia, political activism, or much of anything beyond NYU bloat and Magnolia cupcakes. But the seventeen Iranian-American shareholders who form the collective ownership of Café Nadery felt the enduringly schlocky block between Fifth and Sixth Avenues was the perfect […]

4 August

‘Intellectual Cafe’ Serves Iranian Fare on West Eighth Street

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GREENWICH VILLAGE — The Village has a new taste of Tehran. A recently opened business on fast-changing West Eighth Street hopes to not only offer Iranian-inspired cuisine and tea, but also to serve as a meeting place for creative and academic types. Owned by a 17-person collective of Iranian-Americans,Cafe Nadery serves fresh, seasonal food and will […]