The Cafe

Cafe Nadery is a community-driven Cafe serving coffee, food and drinks, in historical Greenwich Village in downtown Manhattan. Its menu features Persian dishes and contemporary cafe fare. The signature dishes include Ghormeh Sabzi, a beef stew with herbs and dry lemons, and a vegetarian beet burger.

Cafe Nadery features live music as well as readings and film screenings. The name– Cafe Nadery– is borrowed from the legendary cafe in Tehran.


The Cafe was conceived by a group of Iranian-American artists, academics and professionals with the goal of creating a welcoming social space that fosters intellectual and artistic creativity and exchanges between Iranians and non-Iranians in NY. The Cafe is managed by a Board of Directors that is elected by Cafe Nadery shareholders on an annual basis.

History of the Name

Tehran, Iran (1928) – Founded by an Iranian-Armenian, Khachik Madikians, Naderi Café in Tehran was one of the first western Cafes in the country. By the 1940s it had become the hangout place for Iran’s secular intellectuals and artists, serving as a community space for many of Iran’s best known authors. More than a coffee shop, the cafe served as a space for discussions, for sharing and for gathering of creative spirits. As such it has come to symbolize the space in which the Iranian intellectual tradition took root.

Cafe Nadery in Manhattan pays homage to the original Cafe Nadery and while there is no direct relationship between the two entities, Cafe Nadery in Manhattan strives to harness the intellectual richness of Greenwich village and the Iranian community.